EQT Foundation supports novel, deeptech innovations with high impact potential, building on the strength of EQT’s entire organization, acting as an impact engine and incubator of the new.



  • CompanyTopicSectorCountryEntry
  • WA3RMEnergyClimate TechSweden2022
  • PatchClimateSoftwareUSA2021
  • Living CarbonClimateNature-based solutionsUSA2021
  • EX-Fusion Energy ClimateJapan 2023
  • CemVisionClimateSustainable industrialsSweden2022
  • VaraHealthSoftware and diagnosisGermany2022
  • NoyaEnergyClimate TechUSA2023
  • Magrathea MetalsC02-neutral materialClimate TechnologyUnited States2023
  • Made of AirClimateCarbon-negative materialsGermany2021
  • Molecular AttractionHealthBiochemistry and immunologySweden2021
  • VidemHealthDiagnosisSweden2022
  • CharlyEqualitySoftwareSweden2022
  • FertifaHealth and WellbeingFertilityUK2023
  • DuckyClimateCarbon accounting softwareNorway2022