Generating clean power through laser fusion technology

EX-Fusion is developing laser fusion technology to generate carbon free energy from seawater.

EX-Fusion Solution

About the solution

Founded by Matsuo and Mori in 2021, EX-Fusion is developing laser fusion technology to generate clean power. This groundbreaking energy source has the capability to deliver substantial power while maintaining environmental sustainability, drawing from the vast resources readily available in seawater. Notably, it matches or even exceeds the power-generating capacity of nuclear fission reactors, all while upholding the safety standards synonymous with conventional renewable energy.

The breakthrough solution created by EX-Fusion addresses global challenges, offering a path to scalable, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, and secure global power provision. EX-Fusion’s solution addresses the rising global energy demand, a consequence of the high economic growth in emerging nations. The solution also aligns with the transition towards a decarbonized society, in accordance with the Paris Agreement’s commitment to curbing temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial norms.

EQT Foundation’s Investment

EQT Foundation’s investment will allow EX-Fusion to continue developing their technology. Additionally, EQT Foundation will aim to assist EX-Fusion’s management through utilizing EQT’s network, particularly through the capabilities and network in EQT Infra Energy and Industrial Technology as well as having feet on the ground in key expansion markets.