About the EQT Foundation

Impact-first investor and incubator

The EQT Foundation supports entrepreneurs, researchers, and non-profits to build a regenerative and more inclusive tomorrow.

Founded by Partners at EQT, a purpose-driven global investment organization with a Nordic heritage, the foundation exists to push the frontiers of impact, empower the entire EQT ecosystem to give back to society in meaningful ways, and safeguard the EQT Values. The EQT Foundation is a long-term shareholder in EQT and uses dividends and donations to support entrepreneurs, researchers and non-profit organizations.

Guardian of EQT Values

Long-term shareholder of EQT

When EQT’s core group of partners founded the EQT Foundation, the ambition and motive was clear: to act as an eternal steward of the culture and values of EQT – the very reason why they decided to join the firm in the first place.

Cultural safe-guarding is about transferring knowledge, behavior and attitude – acting, and leading according to the core values, and promoting great cultural ambassadors across the firm. The EQT Foundation acts as a guardian of EQT’s values through its long-term ownership and governance model, but also strengthens the position of the values in our culture through its activities and contributions to society.

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“Safeguarding our values and culture was a key driver for us to come together and establish the EQT Foundation”

Christian Sinding, Founding Partner of EQT Foundation and CEO of EQT