The Impact Economy Incubator

The EQT Foundation supports research that accelerates impact investing and runs an incubator that explores new ways of mobilizing capital for impact

The Incubator focuses on developing new areas of the impact economy, bringing together EQTarians to undertake deep dives and make recommendations for the ecosystem to further improve its contribution to society.

Exploring the Frontiers of Impact

To make progress toward a more equitable and regenerative world, we need to use investments and grants that are purposefully inclusive, innovative and catalytic. By embracing new ways of driving impact through catalytic capital, philanthropic equity and funding public goods, EQT Foundation aims to stay at the forefront of philanthropic investment and giving.

Helping visualize the value of impact
The EQT Foundation will pilot new ways of measuring and valuing impact.

Supporting areas that are difficult to invest into
EQT Foundation supports non-profit organizations and research projects with the potential to accelerate impact investing. With the grants, EQT Foundation aims to strengthen the ecosystem, while increasing impact transparency and integrity. Typical grant recipients can be the developers of open-source tools and models for integrating impact into financial decision-making.

In addition to financial support, EQT Foundation provides grant recipients with practical experience, pilot cases and help to facilitate feedback loops to shorten the time from idea to proof of concept.