Learning Platform

EQT Foundation's close ties to EQT, building on its expertise, network and purpose, makes us uniquely positioned in the impact investing ecosystem with an immense potential for value creation.


The EQT Foundation was established in 2019 to act as a long-term steward of EQT’s values and host EQT’s global philanthropic activities. The foundation builds on EQT's strengths and purpose to make a positive impact, while engaging EQT's employees.

The EQT Foundation is structurally independent of EQT and is managed by the EQT Foundation Partner Committee, which consists of the Partners who donated their shares in EQT to establish the EQT Foundation.

The EQT Foundation Partner Committee elects the Board of EQT Foundation. The Chairperson and CEO of EQT have board positions in EQT Foundation. EQT Foundation's core team is supported by EQT employees' part-time responsibilities in the different Deal Teams.

A Learning Platform for EQTarians

Career Development
By integrating work done for EQT Foundation as part of the career development at EQT, the leadership at EQT has designed for there to be no trade-off between working for the foundation and career advancement at EQT. On the contrary, working for the foundation on strategic projects or as part of a Deal Team can positively impact an employee's performance review. The EQT Foundation is set up as a learning platform for EQT Employees where they get to learn about new innovations, fuel their entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborate across the organization.

Employees on their way to becoming partners in EQT are also invited to step up and try on the Partner role on EQT Foundation Deals, putting together a team, convincing the Investment Committee, and gaining valuable transaction experience.

The Investment and Grant Committee
The Investment and Grant Committee of EQT Foundation is designed similarly to EQT's other Investment Committees and is populated by EQT employees to provide them with relevant training.

In March every year, EQT Employees are invited to nominate their peers for the four open seats in the Investment and Grant Committee. The employees with the most votes get appointed to the Investment and Grant Committee and serve on behalf of all employees at EQT, making recommendations to the EQT Foundation Board on which entrepreneurs and researchers should receive support from EQT Foundation, and may approve grants and investments up to a certain amount. The Investment and Grant Committee is supported by an External Expert as well as a Scientific Review Board evaluating incoming research proposals and putting forward recommendations to the Investment and Grant Committee.

EQT Foundation Board
EQT Foundation's Board is most importantly responsible for the foundation's organisation and management as well as the approval of grants and investments (after receiving recommendations from the Investment and Grant Committee).

The Board consists of 2 permanent members and one to three rotating members. The permanent members are the Chairperson of the board of EQT AB and the CEO of EQT AB. The rotating Board members are appointed by the Partners' Committee. One important responsibility of the Board is to nominate candidates to be elected new partners of the Partners' Committee and the Board further has a right to appoint a representative to the Nomination Committee in EQT AB.

EQT Foundation Partner Committee
The EQT Foundation Partners' Committee is established to maintain the partnership feeling of EQT after its public listing. The Partners' Committee meets twice a year to discuss the long-term development of EQT with regards to EQT Values and Culture. High-performing EQT employees with a deep and long-term commitment to EQT may be invited to become partners of the Partners' Committee as part of their partner track at EQT.