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EQT Foundation's close ties to EQT, building on its expertise, network and purpose, makes us uniquely positioned in the impact investing ecosystem with an immense potential for value creation.


The EQT Foundation was established in 2019 to act as a long-term steward of EQT’s values and host EQT’s global philanthropic activities. The foundation builds on EQT's strengths and purpose to make a positive impact, while engaging EQT's employees.

The EQT Foundation is structurally independent of EQT and is managed by the EQT Foundation Partner Committee, which consists of the Partners who donated their shares in EQT to establish the EQT Foundation.

The EQT Foundation Partner Committee elects the Board of EQT Foundation. The Chairperson and CEO of EQT have board positions in EQT Foundation. EQT Foundation's core team is supported by EQT employees' part-time responsibilities in the different Deal Teams.

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