Re-inventing the world’s most important construction material

Cement is the most important construction material there is, unfortunately it is also one of the biggest CO2 emitters globally. New materials and technologies are constantly being introduced, and have important roles to play long term. But for the foreseeable future the world is dependent on cement as the key construction material to keep developing our societies. We need to solve the cement challenge in order to stop climate change.


About the solution

By upcycling slag from steel plants and electrifying industrial heating, CemVision is producing world’s first scalable, green cement, with up to 86% reductionsthe in carbon emissions. CemVision is founded by professionals with extensive backgrounds in cement manufacturing and applications. The vision is to contribute to the reverse of climate change with a sustainable and affordable building material for the whole world. CemVision cement (BCSA) has a lower thermal energy consumption during production than Portland. Instead of 1,450C CemVision needs only 1,250C which makes a huge difference. This is because the lime found in the steel slag has already been calcinated (CaO instead of CaCO3). By doing this, CemVision is able to eliminate all direct emissions to 0, resulting in a reduction to 127kgCO2e/ton from 925kgCO2e/ton.

EQT Foundation’s investment

EQT Foundation invested in the Pre-seed round. CemVision is a good fit with EQT Foundation as the company is decarbonising one of the largest emitting material in the world with a one-for-one replacement.