Industrial symbiosis company deploying Waste-to-Life technology to decrease carbon emissions

WA3RM has developed a novel “Waste-to-Life” model, turning low grade heat waste from process industries into energy. The project pipeline currently includes sustainable food production, utilizing low temperature waste heat and CO2 in establishing sustainable food production and a range of other potential applications. In early 2024, the company is planning to have their first site, a 100 000 sq m large greenhouse for tomato production, in operations in Frövi, Sweden (called Regenergy Frövi), which is an industrial symbiosis project with Billerud. WA3RM has a strong pipeline of projects that would theoretically target >2 percent of Sweden’s total CO2 emissions and significantly contribute to a much need increase of Sweden’s self-suffiency and bring about many new green jobs.

Illustration WA3RM


About the solution

WA3RM works to develop and finance so-called regenerative operations that reuse residual flows from major industries. These are based on resources such as surplus heat and CO2, but also about other flows, such as industrial sludge and wastewater - “Bringing waste to Life”.

The company focuses on large, energy-intensive, industries with well-developed and efficient operations. These produce a steady flow of surplus streams that represent challenges in terms of sustainability and that are often costly for the industry to manage. These flows can represent important resources for external actors, which is one of the core aspects of WA3RM’s offering.

WA3RM captures surplus streams from major industries and uses these to create and finance regenerative businesses, oftentimes foodproduction, where the circular element is important. Cimate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time and the need for industrial-scale solutions,with rapid and decisive effect,is great, with industry accounting for more than 18 percent of all CO2 emissions in the world (International Energy Agency). WA3RM is an attempt to find fast, mature, and sustainable solutions that have a lasting effect on the climate.

EQT Foundation's investment

EQT Foundation invested in WA3RM’s seed round. WA3RM is a good fit with EQT Foundation as the company is focused on bringing a unique and deployable climate tech solution to the market, where EQT Foundation can also help the company scale. At the point of investment, the company has yet to realize the first project, but the scientific potential has been proven and EQT Foundation is thrilled to support WA3Rm in reaching commercial scale.