Carbon offsets supporting the development of new carbon-negative technologies

Many companies are setting ambitious climate targets — They want to measure their footprint and offset their unavoidable emissions with carbon-capture projects but lack the resources or tools to do this efficiently. Patch has developed an API and a portfolio approach to carbon offsets that allow carbon offset purchasers to choose a higher average price and diversify among carbon offset projects, supporting the development of new negative-carbon technologies.


About the solution

Patch is an API-led technology platform connecting companies across all industries with the world's most innovative carbon removal projects, ranging from traditional forestry based projects, to more innovative projects. The platform allows sustainability-conscious firms to build a portfolio of carbon offset projects, making it possible to make decisions about what sort of carbon offsets they want to support. Patch also provides an API that enables businesses to launch climate positive products such as carbon-neutral shipping, shopping, travel, and more.

In addition to providing companies with easy access to high quality, verified, carbon removal projects, Patch is building an online operating system for project developers, enabling them to focus their efforts on improving and rapidly scaling their carbon removal technologies. Patch’s platform will help innovative startups to gain visibility and funding in order to thrive, accelerating our ability to draw down carbon in new and more efficient ways.

EQT Foundation's investment

EQT Foundation has made a strategic investment in Patch to be able to onboard its investments in carbon-capture technology onto Patch's platform and seek support from the wider EQT Network. With the investment in Patch, EQT Foundation provides EQT and EQT portfolio companies with the opportunity to fuel the development of new carbon capture technologies through its carbon offsetting program. EQT is the first private markets firm to set science-based targets and is intentional about how to carbon offset unavoidable carbon emissions on its path to Net-Zero. With its unique portfolio approach, Patch is a great way for EQT to pool its carbon offsetting knowing that it supports the development of new vital climate technologies.