Fertifa is an equitable reproductive benefits provider in the UK and Europe.

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    Eileen Burbridge
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    Nazanine Metghalchi
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    Ashley Lundström

Fertifa offers employers in the UK and Europe a platform to support their teams. Fertifa offers expert clinical advice and financial assistance in the realms of fertility, family creation, women's reproductive health, and men's reproductive health. Since its inception in 2019, Fertifa has experienced significant growth, now boasting a team of over 20 dedicated professionals. Led by Eileen Burbridge, director of Fertifa, they have facilitated over £1.5 million in employer-funded employee reimbursements for fertility treatments within the last year.

The professional landscape presents numerous challenges related to fertility and sexual health concerns. These issues not only impact individuals' mental health and overall well-being but also have a negative effect on workplace productivity and engagement. Moreover, the existing stigma surrounding these matters exacerbates the dilemma, causing employees to feel marginalized and reluctant to seek necessary support.

Fertifa addresses these concerns by offering a holistic range of fertility services. With an expansive network of premier fertility advisors, Fertifa ensures equitable quality of care for its beneficiaries, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status. Beyond its direct services, Fertifa also empowers employers with resources to foster a stigma-free workplace environment concerning these pivotal health concerns through comprehensive education programs.