EQT Foundation joins forces with Fifty Years to support breakthrough science

EQT Foundation has committed to supporting Manifest Climate, a grant program for under-researched areas within deep tech climate science alongside Fifty Years, an early-stage venture capital firm that helps world-class scientists become entrepreneurs.

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Manifest Climate, a research grant program, will award grants starting at $25,000 and up to $100,000 for scientists working on the next climate tech solution. Through this funding initiative, Fifty Years and the EQT Foundation aim to support breakthrough climate science in the early research stages.

Historically, several areas of research – such as translational science representing the process of a basic discovery to implementation – remain underfunded. Investor attention may focus on more market-ready solutions or on concepts where sufficient knowledge already exists. In addition to the lack of funding, other challenges include slow access to funding  some grant processes can take up significant amounts of researchers’ time to apply and then result in over a year-long wait during the review process.

Applications for Manifest Climate grants take 30 minutes to apply and applicants will receive a response within 21 days. No intellectual property claims will be made and the confidentiality of proposed research is guaranteed through NDAs signed by all reviewers and staff.

The call for applications starts on August 1, 2023. Any academic scientist (PI, PhD, Postdoc) working on a bio x climate solution can apply at fiftyyears.com/manifest. The application period closes on August 31 at 11:59 pm PT.

EQT Foundation is proud to partner with Fifty Years, an early-stage venture capital firm backed by 44 tech unicorn founders who want to help the next generation of founders change the world for the better. The Manifest Climate program builds on the earlier fast grants initiative, Repro Grants, started by Fifty Years in 2022. Repro Grants focused on female reproductive science to bridge the gender research gap.

EQT Foundation has committed EUR 1 million to fund breakthrough science research within the thematic focus areas of Climate & Nature and Health & Equity.

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About Fifty Years

Fifty Years is an early stage VC firm based in San Francisco. Fifty Years support founders who are using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. They’re backed by 44 founders of tech companies valued between $1B and $100B who want to help the next generation of founders change the world for the better. For more information, please visit: https://fiftyyears.com/.