Transforming CO2 into sustainable building materials

What is the Challenge?

The global challenge of CO2 emissions, particularly from industrial sectors like cement, steel, and chemicals, is a significant contributor to climate change, necessitating innovative solutions. Negative emission technologies, crucial for achieving net-zero goals, focus on capturing CO2 either directly from the atmosphere or at emission points. The development of sustainable building materials, such as carbon-negative cements and aggregates, is emerging as a key approach in the construction industry to reduce the carbon footprint. What if there was a way to convert carbon emissions and turn them into viable construction materials?

What is the Solution?

Carbix's innovative solution to combat CO2 emissions centers around the development of advanced reactor arrays designed to capture carbon dioxide from a variety of sources such as Waste to Energy Plants, GeoThermal Plants, Water Desalination, and Natural Gas Plants. These reactors operate on renewable energy, effectively converting CO2 into valuable products like carbon-negative cements, mortars, and high-purity carbonates. These products meet high environmental standards, making them a viable option for sustainable development and enabling adoption and scale. Additionally, Carbix is working on modular GTM reactors, which are scalable and adjustable like solar panels. This adaptability allows for increased output to match the demand, and these reactors are focused on producing sustainable products for daily use, transforming common materials such as tiles, countertops, decks, and roads into carbon sinks, thus contributing to a greener infrastructure.

Furthering their commitment to environmental sustainability, Carbix has introduced a bio-reactor designed for accelerated mineral carbonation. This prototype is a stepping stone towards scalable production models, capable of producing a variety of building materials and storing significant amounts of CO2. The evolution to their next model will mark a substantial increase in production and CO2 storage capacity. Alongside these developments, Carbix is engaging in virtual pilots with industrial plant sites, marking a significant stride towards eliminating point source emissions. Their holistic approach extends to the development of net-zero and negative emissions building products, aimed at the global materials and building industry.