Creating viable egg cells with the aim to help people struggling with infertility

What is the Challenge?

Fertility treatments show varying success rates, with 23.6% in the United States and 13.5% in Japan, indicating a high demand for these services. The natural fertility rate decreases with age: women under 30 have about a 25% chance of conceiving naturally each cycle, which drops to 20% after 30. By age 40, the natural conception rate further declines to just 5%. What if there was a way to help people struggling with infertility through creating egg cells ex-vitro?

What is the Solution?

Dioseve's initiative in creating eggs ex-vitro for IVF treatments marks a significant advancement in reproductive technology, directly addressing the critical issue of egg scarcity in fertility treatments. This pioneering project focuses on cultivating high-quality eggs in a laboratory setting, potentially revolutionizing the IVF process by offering a more reliable and diverse supply of viable eggs. This effort is distinct from their therapeutic research in generating eggs from skin cells, specifically targeting the immediate needs of the IVF market with a practical and innovative solution.

The success of Dioseve's ex-vitro egg creation could have profound implications for those facing infertility challenges. It promises to make IVF treatments more accessible and effective, providing new hope for individuals and couples struggling to conceive. By enhancing the availability and consistency of eggs for IVF, Dioseve is not only showcasing its commitment to scientific innovation but also to addressing the physical complexities of fertility treatments, potentially setting new standards in reproductive healthcare.