Mads, Silje, Johan

Founders of Ducky

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    Founders of Ducky

Mads Simonsen Thuv, MSc

Mads has extensive experience with project management and product development in the off shore oil industry. He also worked a couple of years for a product development company before co-founding Ducky in 2014 to work with the passion for sustainability.

Mads focuses on partnerships and concepts for how Ducky can mobilize citizens, companies and the public sector towards a shared vision. He has the formal responsibility for some of the large collaborative projects Ducky is part of.

Silje Strøm Solberg, MSc

Silje has extensive experience with behavior psychology, user-centered processes and concept development. She started her career in SINTEF within the field of sustainable buildings, where she also adapted and developed tools for innovation in architecture, co-authoring an “Inclusive Architecture” textbook published in 2018.

In Ducky, Silje has been a key driving force in establishing practices for analyzing, synthesizing, storing, and sharing customer research. She is in the process of building our expert group for applied research, where she will focus on behavioral change.

Johan Grøtheim Eilertsen, MSc

Johan has a decade of experience from UX and service design consulting in EGGS Design and Inventas, solving difficult challenges with in all major industries in Norway. Several projects have received the DOG A award for outstanding design.

Johan loves understanding and visualizing complex problems, as well as rapid prototyping and testing of potential solutions. In Ducky, Johan has been important in shaping internal processes and practices. He has now taken the role of Product Owner for one of our growing development teams, using his design background to efficiently specify and prioritize the most valuable features for one of our new products.