Jonas Muff & Stefan Bunk

Founders of Vara

Jonas Muff & Stefan Bunk
  • Founders of Vara

Founders and Management Jonas and Stefan met at Merantix, Europe’s leading venture studio for AI, which they both joined on the same day in February 2017 as first employees.

Jonas Muff

Jonas is co-founder and CEO of Vara. Driven by a vision to increase global access to high-quality healthcare, Jonas has dedicated his career to transforming healthcare with artificial intelligence. To realize this vision, Jonas works every day to create an environment at Vara where his team can challenge the status quo, while challenging themselves to discover new possibilities in science. Jonas was born and raised in Switzerland. He studied business in St. Gallen (HSG). Soon after, he grew START, Europe’s leading student conference for entrepreneurship to over 2,000 participants. Later, he joined Europe’s leading venture studio, Merantix, as Head of Business Development and was responsible for the build-up of the first ventures of Merantix.

Stefan Bunk

Stefan is co-founder and CTO of Vara. Coming from a small village near Leipzig, Germany, Stefan set out in 2010 to study computer science at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute. While completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees with distinction, Stefan ignited a lifelong drive to apply data and machine learning to advance healthcare. Throughout his studies, Stefan worked in the Applied Research teams at SAP research and Here Maps — also interning as a research fellow at Vienna University of Economics and Business. In 2017, Stefan joined Merantix as their third engineer, helping build Merantix’ machine learning stack before founding Vara together with Jonas in 2018.