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Mariemme Nassiri Florido

Senior Associate, Legal Councel

  • Business Line
  • Title at EQT Foundation
    Senior Associate, Legal Councel
  • Office
    EQT Exeter

Mariemme Nassiri joined EQT Partners/EQT AB in April 2022 and is a Legal Counsel in the EQT Exeter team.

Prior to joining EQT, Mariemme worked as a Senior Associate for M&A practice at J&A Garrigues LLP, both in London and Spain.

Mariemme holds a law degree from Universidad Cardenal Cisneros in collaboration with Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and an International Business Law Master’s degree with Centro de Estudios Garrigues in collaboration with Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (Madrid, Spain) and Fordham Law School (New York, United states). She also performed three years of business & economics at Universidad Cardenal Cisneros, Madrid (Spain).