Uute Scientific

Biodiversity applied directly to your skin

What is the Challenge?

Urbanization and changes in lifestyle have disconnected humans from naturally occurring biodiversity. The loss of macrodiversity (plants) in cities leads to shrinking microdiversity (microbes) with poor microbiota exposure, affecting people’s immune system. With an increasing number of immune-mediated diseases, such as diabetes 1, allergies and asthma, the need for a natural biodiversity exposure is obvious. How can we ensure that we are keeping our balance of microbial diversity despite not having the opportunity to be in nature as much as we would have wanted?

What is the Solution?

The biodiversity hypothesis states that contact with natural environments enriches the human microbiome, promotes immune balance and protects from allergy and inflammatory disorders.

The immune system needs constant stimulation from the environment to function properly and distinguish harmful targets from harmless ones – in simple terms: kill pathogenic bacteria; do not kill your own cells. Re-Connecting Nature® is a microbial extract replicating diversityfrom rich forests and nature of Finland, developed and designed as an ingredient to be added in consumer products to enhance the microbial exposure. The extract mimics the rich biodiversity found in nature and through contact with skin, it supports the natural development of the immune system. Skin is an immunological organ that acts as a defensive barrier between our bodies and the surrounding environment.

Uute Scientific Oy, manufacturer and a patent ownerof Re-Connecting Nature®, is a Finnish spin-out company from the ecosystem research program from Helsinki university and Tampere university. A recent in-vitro study indicates that Re-Connecting Nature® treatment suppresses or reduces the inflammation rate in a skin model.