A platform to increase efficiency in nature and wildlife conservation

What is the Challenge?

Biodiversity, or the variety of all living things on our planet, has been declining at an alarming rate in recent years, mainly due to human activities, such as land use changes, pollution and climate change. Since 1972 the global wildlife population has declined with 68 percent, and about 150-200 species go extinct every day. How can we scale the engagement in biodiversity? And is there a way to gather all the relevant information and connect expertise to cooperate and learn from each other?

What is the Solution?

THE ARK is the world’s only data hub and network for people involved in wildlife conservation, helping the global community to work together to preserve nature. THE ARK aims to build the most comprehensive industry database to drive impact measurement and scale engagements in biodiversity. By enabling investors, scientists, conservationists, technology providers and eco-conscious to connect, learn and co-operate on wildlife conservation projects, decision making will be faster and asset allocation better. THE ARK has already onboarded about 70 leading wildlife conservation organisations to their platform, with more than 120 wildlife projects.

By creating this transparent marketplace to drive ideas, exchange expertise and cooperate on projects, THE ARK’s data platform improves the effectiveness of capital allocation into wildlife conservation and drives donations and investment possibilities. The strictly data-based approach also allows for new types of donors and investors to get involved. Built on generated content. Acting as a tool box and an enabler for the conservation industry to showcase their detailed work, their strategies, their results and subsequently connect with investors.