Affordable green hydrogen, on site and at scale

What is the Challenge?

The green hydrogen industry faces a significant challenge in developing cost-effective and efficient electrolysis technology for sustainable hydrogen production. Currently, the cost of producing green hydrogen remains high compared to fossil fuels. The cost of renewable energy is decreasing, yet it still lacks the competitiveness needed with traditional energy sources for economically viable green hydrogen production. How can this gap be bridged to enhance the feasibility of green hydrogen?

What is the Solution?

SunGreenH2 is revolutionizing the green hydrogen industry with its advanced electrode technology, a significant innovation enhancing electrolyzer performance and efficiency. This technology includes a universal porous transport layer (PTL) and an electrocatalyst platform. It's not only reducing costs but also accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen, contributing to tackling climate change and promoting a sustainable energy future. SunGreenH2 has developed high-performance, low-cost electrolyzer components using advanced nanostructured materials, leading to the creation of the world’s most efficient electrolyzers that increase hydrogen production while decreasing energy consumption and reliance on expensive platinum group metals.

The company's achievements include doubling hydrogen production and halving both stack size and cost, aligning with their vision of providing affordable, zero carbon green hydrogen globally. The success of SunGreenH2 hinges on its proprietary electrodes, which significantly improve electrolyzer performance by increasing hydrogen production, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing precious metal usage. This innovation not only cuts costs but also enhances the performance and lifespan of membrane electrode assemblies, operating at higher current densities for a more sustainable and cost-effective green hydrogen production.