Henrik Johansson founded Spowdi after serving as CEO of Artificial Solutions, an AI intelligence company servicing a variety of industries. He holds a business degree from the Dallas International School of Business.

What is the Challenge?

70% of all food is grown by small-scale farmers, mostly located in developing economies. Many have limited financial means and knowledge, and therefore operate their farms with unsustainable and inefficient diesel irrigation systems.

What is the Solution?

Spowdi is revolutionizing farming for smallholder farmers by proposing an ecologically and socially sustainable technology. It is powered by zero-emissions solar energy and uses only 20% of the water to drip-irrigate an entire one acre farm. Eliminating the diesel- or grid-powered pumps can save 700kg of CO2 per pump per year from entering the atmosphere.

For the individual farmers, though, what matters most is independence and financial benefit. With Spowdi’s system, they can produce their ownelectricity, save money, and are able to have a second or even third harvest every year due to reduced water use. Spowdi’s solution is distributed by local field agents in a program created to spread the use of more efficient smart farming solutions powered by solar and connected with big data.