Customized biofertilizers tailored to each plant’s individual needs

What is the Challenge?

For over a century, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has adversely affected plant microbiota, human health, and the environment. These microbiota, composed of microorganisms both inside and outside of plants, are crucial for plant health. Traditional agricultural practices have caused a major imbalance in this vital ecosystem, leading to compromised crop health and decreased yields. What if fertilizers could be adapted to fit each plant's unique ecological requirements?

What is the Solution?

Microendo is working on biofertilizer development, specializing in creating specific biofertilizers for different crops. Their process involves analyzing plant samples to understand the existing microbiota, enabling them to identify the needs of each crop. Based on this analysis, Microendo develops a tailored biofertilizer by selecting key microorganisms to restore and enhance the plant's microbiota. This approach not only boosts the plant's immune system but also increases crop yield.

The benefits of Microendo’s biofertilizers include enhancing nutrient absorption, protecting plants from diseases and pests, and increasing resilience to stress conditions like drought and extreme temperatures. Committed to sustainable agriculture, Microendo focuses on organic, crop-specific solutions to maintain the natural balance of plant microbiota and the environment.