Immuno Cure

Creating next-generation immunotherapies for cancer, infectious, and inflammatory diseases

What is the Challenge?

Developing effective immunotherapies for cancers, inflammatory diseases, and infectious diseases is a major challenge in medical science. Traditional vaccines are slow to develop, often unstable, and have safety and efficacy limitations. A critical issue is addressing inflammation-related pathologies and T cell exhaustion, which hinder effective cancer treatment. What if there was a way to use DNA focused vaccines to effectively help treat diseases?

What is the Solution?

Immuno Cure has developed two innovative solutions to address significant health challenges: a custom DNA vaccine technology and an antibody blocking technology. Their custom DNA vaccine technology involves using a patient's own DNA to create a vaccine that stimulates immune responses more effectively. This method, involving intramuscular injection with electroporation, enhances the delivery and effectiveness of the vaccine, prompting muscle cells to produce specific antigens that boost T cell and B cell responses. This groundbreaking approach is currently being applied in the development of two vaccines, ICVAX for HIV/AIDS and ICCOV for COVID-19, both in clinical trials.

The antibody blocking technology focuses on a particular protein essential for the function of killer T cells in cancer treatment. This solution blocks the interaction of this protein with its receptor, reducing the release of inflammatory molecules and addressing inflammation-related complications. This strategy is key in overcoming T cell exhaustion, a significant barrier in effective tumor treatment. The potential of this technology is currently being assessed for its efficacy in treating cancers such as liver and colorectal cancer.