FOLX Health

Providing specialized, virtual healthcare and making it accessible for the LGBTQIA+ community

What is the Challenge?

Although the number of people identifying as something else than heterosexual has increased in recent years, healthcare services offered to this group have not followed a proportional growth pattern, leaving many feeling like they are not receiving the care that they need. Indicative of this sentiment, is the fact that a lot of LGBTQIA+ patients report facing discrimination from healthcare providers, leading them to refrain from seeking medical help in acute, health-related situations. As an already marginalised group, the LGBTQIA+ community is in dire need of better solutions.

What is the Solution?

US-based start-up FOLX is on a mission to make healthcare better, and more accessible for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through the online platform, FOLX members can connect with queer and trans specialised clinicians, get prescriptions, receive medications right on their doorstep, and get advice regarding their own health in a supportive and understanding environment. The latter is vital, as it helps to break down the barriers for marginalized people to seek help for their medical needs, early enough to receive efficient treatment. The fact that FOLX is a fully virtual healthcare provider, also means that people can receive help wherever they are, and whenever they need it, without facing the discrimination they are often met with at other healthcare facilities.

FOLX provides general health services, sexual health services, referral support, as well as advice for people considering, or in the process of transitioning. In essence, they are ‘specialized experts in LGBTQ+ care’; something that is severely lacking throughout the world. Providing these services, is a team of dedicated and professional clinicians, from a diverse set of backgrounds - some of them from marginalized groups themselves. This creates an environment of mutual understanding, in which each patient can feel confident that their medical needs are taken seriously.