Frédéric Sudraud is CEO and Co-founder of FACIL'iti. In 2003, he took over the ITI communication agency in France and restructured it around 3 values: respect for the environment, respect for human beings (inclusion in the team of people with disabilities and in reintegration), and innovation. It is thanks to the conjunction of these three values ​​that FACIL'iti was born in 2018.

What is the Challenge?

According to World Health Organization, 25% of the world population suffers from vision, motion, or cognitive disabilities and has difficulties reading, accessing, or understanding online content. This prevents many from smoothly joining digital experiences as well as essential online services such as banking and healthcare.

What is the Solution?

FACIL’iti retrofits the interface of a website to fit the unique needs of the user. Their plugin allows individuals with disabilities to create a free profile that fits their specific needs. Then, when the individual enters a partner company’s website, they are presented with the page adapted to their disability.

For example, the plugin will increase the size of text, change colors, or change the font to make it easier for people with low vision, color blindness, or dyslexia to read it. It can also change the size of buttons on websites so that people with Parkinson’s disease or bad vision can more easily click on them. This incredible adaptation is done totally without changing the underlying website’s code and still maintains a user’s data privacy.