Enhancing plant growth and photosynthesis for increased crop yields and sustainability

What is the Challenge?

Climate change is causing a major decline in crop production in Southeast Asia, leading to significant financial losses for millions of smallholder farmers. Plants' inefficient conversion of light to sugar exacerbates this issue by limiting their ability to reduce carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Additionally, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers is harmful to the environment, and smallholder farmers are struggling with low crop yields, impacting their income and productivity. What if there was a way to make photosynthesis more efficient to help plants reduce more CO2 and improve plants’ ability to absorb light?

What is the Solution?

Qarbotech's Quantum Dots Technology is a groundbreaking solution designed to enhance plant growth. This patented technology works by increasing the light absorption capabilities of plants, leading to more efficient photosynthesis. It has shown significant improvements in crop yield and quality in commercial field trials. Furthermore, it has a notable economic impact, increasing net income for farmers by USD 330 per hectare. The solution is sustainable, using agro-waste materials such as coconut, bamboo, and kenaf, and requires only a minimal amount of raw material per hectare. It offers broader environmental benefits, including higher CO2 removal rates, improved crop nutrition, and increased drought resilience. This technology is especially impactful in rice production in Malaysia and Indonesia and is applicable in various agricultural settings.

Quarbotech’s second component to their solution, QarboGrow, enhances the plant’s photosynthesis rate. It uses a special organic compound similar to chlorophyll, which improves the photosynthesis rate, thereby aiding plants in producing more oxygen and effectively reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. It also allows for a reduction in chemical fertilizer usage by up to 25%, leading to both cost savings and environmental benefits. QarboGrow increases agricultural productivity and crop yield by 30%, which translates into higher incomes for smallholder farmers. It is suitable for all plant types, compatible with all fertilizers and pesticides, and is safe for plants, without causing adverse reactions under normal conditions. Additionally, QarboGrow treated plants exhibit increased growth rates, shorter crop cycles, sweeter fruits, and enhanced drought resilience.