Advanced Microbubbles

Developing ultrasound-triggered microbubbles for precise and safe cancer drug delivery

What is the Challenge?

Precision anti-cancer drug delivery is challenging, with less than 1% of drugs reaching the target due to barriers like the blood-brain barrier. These barriers result in poor outcomes and severe side effects. Drugs often struggle to penetrate tumor environments, making effective chemotherapy difficult. The key issue is balancing chemotherapy's potency with its toxicity, especially when drug absorption rates are low. What if there was a way to deliver more precise treatment?

What is the Solution?

Advanced Microbubbles has developed a solution to address the challenges of drug delivery in cancer treatment using ultrasound-triggered microbubbles, known for their safety in diagnostic imaging. Microbubbles are ultrasound-triggered bubbles designed to enhance the delivery of drugs, especially to challenging areas like tumors. When activated by ultrasound, these microbubbles can safely and non-invasively open biological barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier, allowing for a more efficient and targeted delivery of therapeutic agents. This ensures that a higher concentration of the drug reaches the desired location, improving treatment efficacy and reducing side effects. These microbubbles are designed to safely and non-invasively open the blood-brain barrier, enhancing the efficiency of immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer and allowing for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma using liposomal doxorubicin without the typical chemo-toxic side effects. Importantly, their technology can work in tandem with various treatments, including gene therapies, immunotherapies, and chemotherapies, without the need for costly drug alterations.

Furthermore, with their patented method to size-isolate these microbubbles, they can be conjugated with any cancer drug. When combined with ultrasound, these conjugates can be precisely targeted at tumors, ensuring minimal toxicity and maximum drug penetration. Their platform provides medical professionals with the tools to deliver drugs effectively to intricate and inaccessible tumors. In collaboration with NIH NIDA, Advanced Microbubbles utilizes specialized bubbles for delivering chemotherapeutics, focusing their current research on neuroblastoma and pancreatic cancer.