Pavakah Energy

Paint that can turn almost any surface into a solar panel

What is the Challenge?

The developing world, representing 75% of the global population, faces the dual challenge of managing rapid urbanization and a projected 3% increase in energy demands, alongside an average GDP growth rate of 4%. Middle and low-income groups, significant contributors to market volume, are particularly vulnerable to rising energy costs during the transition to a net-zero economy. What if there was a way to transform surfaces to generate renewable energy?

What is the Solution?

Pavakah Energy is revolutionizing solar energy with its new photovoltaic technology, capable of turning almost any surface into a solar panel. This versatile approach makes it possible for a wide range of users, from households to businesses, to harness solar power easily. By integrating solar capability into common structures like rooftops, walls, and public spaces, Pavakah Energy's solution not only promotes energy independence but also offers significant savings on electricity bills and a reduction in carbon emissions.

This technology has the potential to make a significant impact globally. For instance, by applying it in just a small area of Hyderabad, India, it's possible to generate a substantial portion of the city's energy needs by 2030, significantly cutting down CO2 emissions. If this technology was applied in several cities, particularly in high-emission countries, the reduction in CO2 emissions could be enormous, helping to drive clean energy in both urban development and industrialization. Moreover, Pavakah Energy's technology is not just environmentally friendly due to its renewable energy production; it also supports sustainability through the recyclability of its solar paint, contributing to a circular economy. This makes it a viable clean energy option not only for developing countries but across the globe.