Membranes that treat the world’s toughest wastewater

What is the Challenge?

The swift depletion of groundwater, coupled with escalating droughts, is leading to severe water scarcity, endangering food production and industrial operations. The rapid depletion of groundwaters and aquifers, along with extended droughts, are worsening the issue of water scarcity, jeopardizing food production and essential industries. By 2025, water scarcity is expected to impact two-thirds of the global population. What if it was possible for cost-effective water reuse in industry to ensure a sustainable water supply and protect critical operations? 

What is the Solution?

ZwitterCo is tackling the critical issue of water scarcity and strict water use regulations in the face of accelerating climate change. Their innovative technology uses zwitterionic chemistry to effectively separate water from organic compounds in industrial wastewater. This process not only enables industries to reuse water efficiently but also conserves water for public use, particularly important during periods of drought. By reusing water, industries can reduce their environmental impact and comply with stringent regulations, avoiding heavy fines or operational shutdowns.

In less than two years, ZwitterCo has made significant strides, with over 20 commercial installations treating more than six million gallons of wastewater daily. These installations span various sectors, including agriculture, food and beverage, landfills, and bioprocessing. Their technology doesn't just recycle water; it also transforms waste into valuable resources like feedstock or fertilizer, promoting a circular water economy. This ability to potentially take industries off the public water grid underscores ZwitterCo's role in reducing industrial dependency on public water supplies, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial landscape.