AMPD Energy

Creating an emission free future for construction

What is the Challenge?

Despite enhanced energy efficiency investments, the building and construction sector's energy consumption and CO2 emissions have hit an all-time high post-COVID-19. This widens the gap towards the 2050 decarbonization goal. But what if the sector could achieve significant emission cuts by improving energy performance, and reducing the tailpipe emissions, including the carbon footprint of construction?

What is the Solution?

Ampd Energy aims to revolutionize the construction sector globally by offering emission-free energy supply for on-site construction, responding to urgent global trends: hyper-urbanization, rising construction electricity demand, and urban diesel bans. Their flagship product, the Ampd Enertainer energy storage system, serves as a clean alternative to traditional diesel generators.

The Enertainer excels with a small utility power input for continuous charging, meeting construction equipment's robust power demands. This diesel-free, plug-n-play system not only eliminates fire hazards and emissions but also ensures swift installation within 2 hours, replacing most large diesel generators effortlessly. AMPD’s lithium-ion energy storage system electrifies construction sites enabling clean, quiet, and data-rich energy delivery.With zero emissions output, it's suitable for poorly ventilated areas, enhancing safety and minimizing diesel-related risks. The automatic recharging and low maintenance design boost productivity by reducing downtime, making it a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solution for modern construction sectors.