Kelvin Health

Precise, non-invasive thermal screening using AI to identify health issues in the vascular system

What is the Challenge?

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), a condition affecting over 230 million people worldwide. The challenge lies in the current limitations of vascular screening methods, which are often invasive, expensive, and not conducted frequently enough, especially for asymptomatic individuals. This lack of regular screening can lead to severe complications like critical limb ischemia (CLI), potentially resulting in major amputations or death. What if there was a way to use thermal screening to catch PAD before it progressed?

What is the Solution?

Kelvin Health is revolutionizing vascular disease screening with a novel medical device that combines hardware and software, leveraging Thermography AI. Their mobile thermal imaging camera can detect body heat through tissue layers, using AI to identify vascular system anomalies. This technology hinges on the correlation between local body temperature and blood flow, identifying potential issues like inflammation or blockages.

Frequent use of this non-invasive, cost-effective scanning method improves its accuracy, crucial for early detection of conditions such as PAD. Traditional methods, often invasive and expensive, are typically used too late. This advancement is pivotal for specialists, offering accurate diagnostics, and beneficial for pharmaceutical companies by providing early patient data. Most importantly, it gives patients accessible, precise screening and monitoring for vascular health, significantly enhancing early detection and management of vascular conditions.