Anna Polishchuk & Yuriy Mukhin, the co-founders of Lalafo, decided to license their company’s technology to a non-profit to help Ukrainian Refugees build new lives after having been displaced.

Their e-commerce platform was built to match second-hand goods with new owners but was re-purposed to match refugees with donated goods. By accurately matching these goods to the individual needs of the displaced population, Lalafo is significantly improving the dignity of refugees, allowing them to search for what they need, rather than stand in line outside a warehouse hoping to find what they are looking for.

So far, Lalafo has reached 45,000 Ukrainian Refugees through their service. Resulting from EQT Foundation’s grant, Lalafo has provided a more equitable distribution of humanitarian aid to 39,000 Ukrainian refugees over a seven month period while simultaneously promoting sustainability through waste reduction and optimizing the use of donated goods.