Everyone can contribute to reduced climate emissions – every single day.



Most people, companies, and politicians know that something needs to happen to improve the environmental challenges we are currently facing and are also willing to actively change their behavior / decisions in that regard. However, one of the biggest challenges remains that there is still very limited data transparency to efficiently track and optimize those initiatives. Ducky therefore has developed solutions for different customer groups which help to collect, efficiently aggregate and finally to analyze ESG data to adjust customer behavior, political decisions or just the personal way of living over time.

About the solution

Founded in 2014 and based in Trondheim, Norway, Ducky has developed three complementary business lines (Ducky public, Ducky data, Ducky championship) helping their clients to gain more transparency on the impact of their ESG initiatives and to continuously improve their behavior / decisions in that regard. Today Ducky employees over 30 people and operates in 4 countries.

Ducky public offers municipalities and politicians an efficient tool to track and analyze the environmental footprint of its citizens via a citizen footprint map and corresponding analytic tools. Ducky data helps companies in various industries to engage with its customers and track their individual behavior via an API solution that can seamlessly be integrated in the customer’s existing infrastructure. Ducky championship enables organizations to engage members and create a culture for change based on ESG competitions. Ultimately all data, calculations and analyses are made available between the three business lines and therefore further strengthen the competitive advantage of the integrated solution over time by increasing the data pool and the corresponding insights.

EQT Foundation’s investment

EQT Foundation invested in Ducky alongside other reputable ESG focused investors like TD Veen. In collaboration, EQT Foundation will help Ducky professionalize, commercialize, and scale by leveraging EQT’s network. Additionally, EQT Foundation’s investment will facilitate further product developments, ramp-up of the sales organization and additional market entries which will be the next step in the success story of Ducky.