EQT Foundation appointed Expert Advisor to G7's Impact Taskforce

The G7 Impact Taskforce, supported by the UK government as part of their 2021 G7 presidency, will provide recommendations to G7 governments on how to mobilize private capital for public good at scale. Cilia Holmes Indahl, Head of EQT Foundation, has been appointed as an Expert Advisor on the Steering Committee of the Taskforce.

The G7 Impact Taskforce was presented on the opening day of the virtual Global Impact Summit on 6 October 2021. The Taskforce is chaired by Rt Hon Nick Hurd and is composed of global leaders from the world of business, public policy and the social sector, including senior figures from Blackrock, Temasek, Schroders, Mahindra Group, Morgan Stanley, S&P Global, BASF, The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission.

The industry-led initiative has two working groups, one focusing on greater impact transparency, harmonization and integrity, and the other one investigating the development of financing vehicles for a just transition and includes a specific lens in emerging markets. The work is coordinated by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) alongside the Impact Investing Institute and the group’s final report is expected to be delivered to G7 governments in December 2021.

The GSG is the first strategic partner of EQT Foundation, and will be key in informing the work of the foundation. EQT Foundation looks forward to supporting the work of the GSG and the G7 Impact Taskforce.

Cilia Holmes Indahl, Head of EQT Foundation, said, “In our quest to push the frontiers of impact, EQT Foundation is looking to support entrepreneurs and researchers that are challenging our perception of what is possible. Our participation in the G7 Impact Taskforce will ensure alignment of our efforts with global needs and strengthen our ability to contribute in accelerating the shift towards impact economies. The EQT Foundation initiative will support the efforts of the Taskforce by making grants to related research projects and by providing a test bed for new financing vehicles.”

Cliff Prior, Chief Executive of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, said, “The establishment of an impact economy incubator like EQT Foundation comes at a crucial time, when we have to build back the global economy following the COVID-19 crisis, whilst also solving for social issues and climate change. The combination of EQT Foundation and the EQT ecosystem, with its pioneering work on ESG-linked financing and impact investment expertise, will open up new opportunities for piloting and driving the shift towards impact economies. We are excited to partner with EQT Foundation.”

Cilia Holmes Indahl, Head of EQT Foundation, foundation@eqtpartners.com
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