Thérèse Mannheimer

Thérèse Mannheimer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Grace Health. Following a career in start-ups and serving on the board of several NGOs, Therese founded AllBright, a well-known non-profit Foundation in Sweden. She holds a Master in Business and Organization from the University of Lund.

What is the problem?

In many developing countries, women lack access to information about women’s health issues. This reduces women's life quality through poorer health as well as preventing control over her own life, for example through planning parenthood.

What is the Solution?

Grace Health has created a mobile health app for women in developing countries, dramatically increasing the information available to them about their own bodies. Using the app, a woman can have a private, personalized experience that enables her to learn and take charge of reproductive health decisions.

For example, a core function enables the user to track her period and fertility cycle. The app’s AI live chat feature is also designed to answer many basic questions and focuses on preventative care. Since storage space and internet access is often limited, the app can partially function offline and takes up less than 6 MB of space on a phone.

The app is currently the most downloaded healthcare app in Nigeria and the most trusted female health service across East and West Africa. Grace Health is planning to further expand around the world, especially in India and Indonesia to change access to healthcare for women in third world countries. The app’s depersonalized data gathering also allows for a totally new understanding of female healthcare in the developing world.

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