Serife Kucur

Serife Seda Kucur (CTO & Co-founder) holds PhD in Biomedical Engineering from ARTORG Center for Biomedical engineering. Together with her Co-Founders Raphael Sznitman and Patrick Kessen, she has spent over 6 years to improve perimetry examination, a gold standard in ophthalmic examination to diagnose and monitor glaucoma patients through AI and VR.

What is the problem?

Globally, 80 million people suffer from glaucoma, a chronic eye disease that leads to irreversible blindness. Visual field testing / perimetry is one of the standard tools diagnose and monitor glaucoma. Current tests are long and tiring for the predominantly older patients. This leads to 5-30% perimetry tests not being reliable. Lastly, they are performed on bulky, stationary devices which require a dedicated room and assistant. This in turn limits capacity and increases costs for practices and hospitals. The advent of the latest AI and VR technologies however can help remove this bottleneck in today’s perimetry setup.

What is the Solution?

PeriVision proposes to perform perimetry tests in 70% less time and on a patient-friendly headset. The goal is to increase efficiency in current clinical workflow and create new access points for perimetry tests through the portability and the speed Perivision provides through our product. Their device can allow new care pathways and the use of perimetry for example at-home or in less specialized care settings like opticians or pharmacies.

This way, patients can be monitored almost continuously helping clinicians to base their treatment decision on more information-rich data. With the latest paradigm shift already happening towards home-based chronic disease monitoring, PeriVision will help drive this transformation through its portable, more patient-friendly and cost-efficient device in glaucoma management.

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