Julian Osborne

Julian Osborne is the founder of Pelt8, a platform helping companies manage their sustainability data. In 2015 he spent time in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, visiting microfinance companies & their clients. He was inspired by how microfinance companies used selected non-financial indicators to assess loan risk and the financial loan impact, leading to an over 95% payback rate. Witnessing how targeted financial flows empowered individuals and small companies to create sustainable living inspired this venture.

What is the problem?

In 2022, EU’s regulations will push more than ten thousand companies to provide disclosures they have never collected or analysed before. While this is a tremendous opportunity to advance a continental sustainability agenda, barriers to progress are forming.

Many organisations do not yet have the processes and systems to collect and aggregate data spread across systems, geographies, spreadsheets, and stakeholders. With limited resources, organisations need to figure out what to do, who to do it with and how to push it forward - all of this under significant time pressure.

What is the Solution?

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