Fernando De los Rios

Fernando De Los Rios is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hyperion Robotics. He has been building start-ups to disrupt the construction industry for the last 6 years. With a strong background in finance, he leads the business development of the company. Fernando holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Universidad del Pacífico.

What is the problem?

The use of cement accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions every year, a lot of which is attributable to the concrete making process.

What is the Solution?

Hyperion offers a new way to produce more sustainable and optimized industrial grade construction elements with recycled components from different waste streams such as end-of-cycle materials from the wood and steel industries. Throught employing 3D printing in the creation of customized concrete structures, their solution is cheaper, faster, and has better concrete reinforcement structures. A crucial element is the fact that the firm only uses circular and recycled materials and reduced material waste in the production process.

The firm collaborates with developers, designers, engineers, and contractors to produce 3D printed reinforced concrete components within Hyperion’s construction site or on site of the client. Its solutions include rental and sales of their proprietary groundbreaking robotics technology.

Pitch Video