Dominik Campanella

Dominik is the CEO and Founder of Concular, which he founded after having worked as Data Scientist at Google and being involved restado, Europe’s largest market place for reclaimed construction materials. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and IT from the University of Mannheim as well as a dual Master’s Degree in Data Science and Management from HEC Paris.

What is the problem?

Today, only 1% of building elements are being reused after demolition and the building sector is dominated by the “take-make-waste” model that ignores chances to reuse building materials. This way, many re-usable resources remain unused, while new ones have to be taken from the earth.

What is the Solution?

Concular has created a platform to encourage the reuse of building materials. Builders upload their needs onto Concular’s service, while demolition projects upload available materials before and during the demolition. Subsequently, the company’s digital, AI-driven platform matches builders’ demands for materials with suppliers. Concular also manages the supply chain to get the matched materials where they need to go and places a warranty on the product that is being reused, if requested. In this way, Concular enables sustainably-sourced buildings in pursuit of a circular economy.