Eliminating plastic waste for good by developing biodegradable single-use plastic alternative

What is the Challenge?

Located halfway between Hawaii and California, about three times the size of France, is an island made of accumulated plastic. It is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and is the largest accumulation of the five offshore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans. About 2 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers. More than half of this plastic is less dense than the water, meaning that it will not sink once it encounters the sea.The plastic that reaches the sea comes back to us in food and water, causing major health problems. In financial terms, USD 3.7 trillion globally is being spent on the overall social and environmental costs of plastic pollution every year. How do we change this development and stop the world’s enormous plastic pollution? Eliminate plastic waste for good? Find alternatives that can replace single-use plastics?

What is the Solution?