Predicta Med

AI based platform for early detection of autoimmune diseases to improve people’s lives

What is the Challenge?

About 300 million people worldwide are suffering from autoimmune diseases, in which the immune system, instead of attacking diseases and infections, attacks the body itself. Diagnosing and treating these diseases is complex and time consuming, and an average diagnosis takes more than four years to determine. Common, non-specific, confusing symptoms often prolong the time frame for a definitive diagnosis and can lead to suffering and stress for the patient as well as unnecessary procedures and tests. Is there a way to support physicians connecting the dots of these unclear and rare symptoms earlier? And at the same time improving the patients’ wellbeing by getting the correct diagnosis sooner?

What is the Solution?

Israel-based Predicta Med provides a decision-support platform for early detection of autoimmune diseases. The platform uses machine learning to help physicians determine and identify seven autoimmune conditions, like for example Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Celiac Disease. The symptoms of different autoimmune diseases often overlap, making it particularly challenging to set a diagnosis, and a normal process usually requires visits to many different specialists: primary care, rheumatology, neurology and gastroenterology. Predicta Med’s solution helps primary-care physicians diagnose hard-to-identify autoimmune conditions. Today, only 17% of celiac disease patients are correctly diagnosed, while Predicta Med’s solution correctly diagnosed 60% of patients with celiac disease one to four years before a clinical diagnosis was made. The AI-powered platform gives physicians methods for shortening the diagnostic process of identifying these autoimmune diseases and by that improving the treatment and effectiveness of the patient’s care.

By aggregating data from electronic medical records (EMRs) and insurance claims, Predicta Med’s platform has already 6.5 million EMR data points and 1.7 million claims records both in Israel and USA, provided by Predicta Med’s partners which include the second largest Israeli HMO Maccabi, Mayo Clinic Platform and Hoag hospital. The data is analyzed using a combination of advanced learning techniques and finds the correlations to a specific disease. The platform discovers patients at risk of having an underlying autoimmune disease and provides actionable insights to enable optimal intervention.