Making advanced molecular testing available to everyone

What is the Challenge?

For over 30 years PCR testing has been used as the “gold standard” diagnostic tool to detect and diagnose certain infectious diseases and genetic changes. These three letters have indeed shot into the public consciousness since PCR is the basis of the most common tests for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. But, when a high number of pathogens/variants need to be detected in a single sample, costly and labor-intensive tests are still the common solution. Missing or not detecting relevant biomarkers in molecular testing often leads to high costs, deriving from increased complexity in testing and analyzing, as well as prolonged time between results and treatment. The current pandemic has highlighted the need for routine highly multiplexed pathogen testing to distinguish covid from the common flu and even different viral variants – how can we find a cost-effective way to find these answers?

What is the Solution?