Case studies

At EQT Foundation, we are pushing the frontiers of impact for a more inclusive and cooler tomorrow. To do that we want to endorse even more companies and research projects than those that we are actually able to invest in. Therefore, we have built a Library of Hope. Here we showcase some of the coolest start-ups and research projects in the impact sector, but they are not all some that we have invested in or that EQT has invested in. We just think they are too cool not to show them to everyone and we hope they will inspire hope in you.

Key metrics

Some of the companies and projects presented on the next pages, would have been ones that we would have invested in, had we existed 5-10 years ago. Some of them we do not know have enough additionality with, but we still believe that they will be valuable business models for the future. Some of them are our investments. But common for all the companies and research projects is that they are at the frontiers of impact worldwide and that they will all be part of defining the world of the future.

Entrepreneurs & Research projects