ARC Marine

Supporting the oceans infrastructure by providing lasting solutions for the future

What is the Challenge?

The increasing awareness about climate change has led to many countries committing to reduce the use of fossil fuels and focus on renewable energy sources. Although the switch to renewable energy will have an overall positive effect on the global climate, the construction of renewable energy installations can have negative effects on local ecosystems, increasing the strain on marine life. Is there a way to improve the subsea safety and infrastructure, whilst minimizing the environmental footprint of human marine activity?

What is the Solution?

Eco-engineering company ARC Marine develops and offers solutions thatturn offshore constructions into thriving ecosystems. Using stackable, ‘LEGO-like’ reef cubes® protects seabed infrastructure, such as cables, and creates a low carbon habitat which gives commercial and endangered species a place to hide, sleep, hunt and breed. The reef cubes® are made from 98 percent recycled, non-plastic materials, have low or negative carbon footprints and are certified as non-toxic to the marine environment. Applications also include cable, pipeline and scour protection, habitat restoration, moorings and eco-tourism. All deployment works in harmony with the natural environment, as well as delivering biodiversity net gain for the habitats and the ecosystems. Furthermore, being inshore and accessible, ARC Marine monitors the installations for biodiversity observation and continuous improvement in habitat restorations.

UK based ARC Marine have invented and patented the concrete solution enabling them to create sustainable, recycled reef structures anywhere in the world. Anyone from scientists to remote fishers can contribute to rebuilding reef systems. From a private reef for a hotel to boost eco-tourism to an offshore turbine company protecting their investment from scour, ARC Marine works closely with environmentally-conscious companies, authorities, environmental agencies and other NGO’s to rehabilitate damaged marine habitats across the world.