Large-scale permanent carbon removal for the net-zero economy

What is the Challenge?

It is no longer possible to keep global warming under 1.5°C by reducing emissions alone, a fact highlighted in the latest IPCC report. Even if the world reaches all its emissions reduction targets, we still need to take out approximately 20 billion tonnes of CO₂ every year to prevent damaging environmental impacts. What if we could find a solution to help businesses, governments and communities to decarbonize, while helping the environment at the same time?

What is the Solution?

Capture6 develops and sells a scalable solution to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By using salt, water, and renewable energy as inputs, Capture6 produces an absorbent that captures CO₂ from ambient air, which is then mineralized for durable and permanent storage. Their innovative direct air capture (DAC) solution and enhanced mineralization approach has a small physical footprint, brings co-benefits for communities and the environment, and takes advantage of existing technologies, resources and materials to be widely deployed without the need of a completely new supply chain.

The California and New Zealand based startup company sells CO₂ capture at a fixed price to companies, providing certainty and clear paths to net-zero. As both the amount of chemicals used for capture and the weight of output can be directly measured and calculated, Capture6 sets new standards for affordability, scalability, and accountability. Capture6 believes its industrial-scale solutions can capture millions of tons of carbon, creating integrated decarbonization solutions for the net-zero economy that provide benefits to diverse stakeholders beyond direct carbon removal.