NoPalm Ingredients

Oils from food waste industry streams that are as versatile and affordable as palm oil, but with 96% lower carbon emissions

What is the Challenge?

Over a third of all food produced each year is either lost or wasted each year. This wastage contributes to 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, surpassing the combined emissions of aviation and shipping. Annually, an individual consumes an average of 8kg of palm oil, found in half of all packaged products, from food to detergents. What if there was a way to create a circular solution to these issues?

What is the Solution?

NoPalm Ingredients introduces a transformative solution to these pressing issues. Founded in 2021, the company's mission is to offer local, circular, and sustainable yeast oils and fats as a palm oil substitute. By upcycling agri-food side streams, such as potato peels and rejected vegetables, NoPalm Ingredients creates palm oil without palm trees. This process not only offers a versatile and affordable alternative to palm oil but also significantly impacts environmental sustainability. The company’s technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 96% and cuts land use by 99%, addressing the core problems of deforestation and food waste.

NoPalm Ingredient's technology leverages food industry waste streams, transforming them into valuable oils through a fermentation process with specific yeasts. After fermentation, the yeast oils and fats are separated from the biomass and marketed as replacements or additives in various products, including food, cosmetics, and home care items. This innovative process has already demonstrated strong market traction, with three paid pilots and more companies expressing interest. The byproducts of this process, such as proteins and spent biomass, are further utilized, exemplifying a truly circular and sustainable approach to tackling the dual challenges of deforestation of the rainforest driven by palm oil demand and food waste. NoPalm Ingredients is addressing the scarcity of palm oil by offering a reliable solution that safeguards customers against risks associated with price fluctuations and supply chain instability. Their oils and fats mirror the functionality of palm oil fractions, allowing users to seamlessly integrate them without altering their existing process, thus creating a 1 to 1 drop-in alternative.